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I’ve re-done the Foetus Products’ on-line shop since I’ve moved host and didn’t want to purchase another SSL certificate.  This shop works on WordPress since I’m familiar with it and it’s getting more and more flexible.  I’m not using SSL obviously but it’s secure enough and works okay in testing.  The domain is now dot com instead of dot co dot uk but there are pointers from the last-used domain.

Total cost of software?   Zero.  Hosting costs?  A standard Vidahost account.

So far, I’ve only got some downloads installed.  The Spookhouse CD will be added soon along with some more downloads.   It’s only Crawling Chaos currently but Holly’s Symptoms stuff will go up soon as well.  There’s currently a 20% off summer sale on…..

I can’t decide whether to charge 10p or £169 for “Suck” since it has the annoying ‘suck’ voice in it.  I used 10p to test everything works.  Any ideas?

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