New Pictures of Crawling Chaos

I’ve received some extra information from Holly today with some extra photos that should be a bit interesting for those of a historical bent! Any descriptions are left to right.

crawling_chaos_in_van.jpg Van to nowhere. Strangely, Sue,Haircut, Clinka, Doomage

CC_holly_eddie.jpgIn the back of a Manchester club (Electric Ballroom I think), waiting to find out which one.Holly and Eddie Fenn (Fatso) in photogenic mode, one of his finer poses.

Holly_Uni1.jpgTypical Holly pose (mmm, nice top.) Foetus drape behind.

Hom_Eq_Scan.jpgslightly worn cover from the original Homunculus Equinox release. I’ve a better one with the original Foetus cover up sticker (these are going for $50 on ebay etc ho ho). Trouble is, I’ve never got round to scanning it. The model is Curly Jhon. He survived. The camera does lie, even before photoshop.

Jeff_Chrissie.jpgDoomage & Chrissie. Angst. Something’s gonna happen soon here…

Rees & Jeff down a Welsh track - New Year's do, 1981, organised by Anth Chester's bro'. Strangely and Doomage. This was a New Years gig down near Lampeter/Tregaron. Some guy from Hawkwind was there passing the joints around, which was nice. We slept in a farmhouse and I think this is us going for a walk in the morning.

Newc_Uni.jpgNewcastle University outdoor lunchtime gig. This is not long after Holly joined as I can spy a Wem Copycat. Hence the twiddling.
People are Holly, Billy Connolly (Gordon)(famous for drinking the warm piss in a beer can and not noticing), Strangely, ?, ? , Curly (Ligger) Jhon, ? .

Liggers_Pub.jpg Pub liggers, let me know who you are..
I’ve got ?, Sally(prob), ?, ?, Bingo (Gareth), ? ,Maxine, ?

ReesTree.jpgStrangely Perfect pretending to be a tree. Hard to bear, hard to bear.

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2 Responses to New Pictures of Crawling Chaos

  1. SP
    Still got some links to re-instate after the cracking trouble…

  2. Since these pictures came to light, Holly just reminded me that the Newcastle Uni and the Blyth gigs were the only ones he got paid for. That’s because he was on trial. When he was full-time he got the same as everyone else…nowt!
    This is also mentioned here!

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