Shopping at Foetus Products

Foetus Products

Ye Olde Spooke Shoppe

Crawling Chaos’ next release, Spookhouse, is to be on the Foetus Products label and sold exclusively through the Foetus Products online shop.

Foetus Products

Foetus Products

This will be in CD and digital download format. The surviving members of the band have decided that this is the best route for this unique display of talent.
Use the contact page for early ordering.

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6 Responses to Shopping at Foetus Products

  1. HELLO! I will most definitely be purchasing this! Very excited! Will you be releasing any further material via Foetus, say by other bands perhaps? Nudge nudge, wink wink! Worth asking!

  2. Yes Mr Density. I have plans to release other stuff for other folks under the label name, if people ask. This will be a very exclusive corner of the inter-tubes…!

    All domains have been in place for some time and I’ve been fiddling with various online shopping systems to get the one that most suits my purposes. The criteria I am using are similar to those that I used when I first started Crawling Chaos with Jeff when we made all the gear etc., in that we’re doing everything ourselves:

    Low (free) cost software.
    Low cost (free!) access to the common payment & shopping cart modules.
    Easy shipping calculations.
    Easy and secure file downloading.
    Popular, ongoing support.
    Works on the platform I’m familiar with – i.e. LAMP.

    Being exclusive allows more money to remain in the artists’ pockets. This means we’re not going the iTunes etc route as they all suck too much cash away. Being realistic, we’re not going to be million sellers, are we? If that should happen, we can easily get someone else to push it, but even if we’re 10k to 100k downloads a day, the LAMP system on my host can cope with it, and if they can’t I can just pay extra for the bandwidth.

    Currently, the front-end for shopping is on the dot co dot uk address and you’ll see that the current shopping cart software is a French one, called Prestashop.

    Both should work as DNS propagation should now be finished. I’ll be setting the non-WWW as the canonical name. If you check it should be work in progress, not the shop…

  3. Excellent! Well Im currently recording again & Ive almost completed a new cover of Harry, so if you maybe like what Im doing, I would b more than happy if you were interested in releasing any of it. Ive got a couple of instrumentals up at Have a listen and see what you think.

    • Punchy! Very industrial with large shades of Joy Division influence there.

      For anyone else interested, please ask via the contact page. It was always a plan to have an exclusive label for eclectic, non-mainstream content that favours the artist & revenue over artist & repertoire.

      Now looks to be the time. This post from last year makes this point very clearly and shows our self-distribution model to be best from our small-scale viewpoint, even better than iTunes as the guy says here:

      The message is clear: if you want to support musicians, either support them directly or buy their music through iTunes.

      Since our scale shows iTunes to be less favourable, they’re out for the moment. Reading the core source of the article pulls out the key phrase that foe most small bands operating out of the mainstream, CDs are the best bet! Quote:

      Thus we see, paradoxically, that in terms of generating realistic income, the CD is still our best bet. The direct digital replacement – bundled download sales – is comparable. Unbundled track downloads increase the number of necessary transactions by a factor of magnitude and subscription-based downloads by yet another. The supposed future of recordings on the Internet – cloud-based streaming – barely deserves mention. I can’t imagine an independent artist receiving millions of streams a year, much less hundreds of millions.

      This is what Foetus Products will be doing ever so shortly, and don’t call me shortly.

  4. I will let u know when Ive completed several tracks. U can have a listen, c what u think & if its something u would like to release then that would be superb!

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