Foetus Products Online Now

Metallic Death Shop Now open

Foetus Products Shop

Foetus Products Shop

Astute viewers will have noticed that the Foetus Products on-line shop is now operational.

Currently, I’ve been reworking the stuff from the CD issued on LTM for download only. (I was never satisfied with the “sound” of those issues, especially since I was not asked for my tuppence-worth.  Well there you have it – a lightning refresh plus a few extra items for sparkle, mainly in tribute to the late Paul Shields, Garry Clennel and Jeffrey Harry Crowe.)

I’m in a funny mood today. (SP)
Painful Death by Crawling Chaos

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  1. New material almost completed! Listen at:

    If you would like to release my tracks, I would be most happy! Vocals should be added this week.

    Mark (High Density)

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