Hamilton Hotel – Whitley Bay

I’ve updated the anecdotes page to include my memories of the aborted gig at the above venue.

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  1. Tony Brown

    The Hamilton Hotel was owned in my family from its beginning until the early 70s. The Edes family were the owners, Elsie Edes being my great-aunt. Derek, her husband had less of a business brain but was good at running a hotel. Next door to the Hamilton there was another hotel whose name escapes me, but it was run by Ben Hardaker. Ben didn’t use a vast amount of beer so he and the Edes’s had a hole knocked in the cellar wall and his beer was pumped in from the Hamilton. I got this story from Ben’s son, Jeff. I don’t know the precise date when the family sold the hotel, but my aunt, Doreen, who lived in Wooler, knew all the details. I wish you peace and well-being.

  2. Ian Moules

    My parents spent their honeymoon in the Hamilton in January 1953 (the perfect time of year for a holiday on the North East coast!). They were married in Shotley Bridge, Co Durham. Just found the receipt: £4.2.o for two nights half board by the look of it.

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