Doomage occasionally spoke to Strangely since those times, finally expressing his initial feelings completely here.  He unfortunately and surprisingly died in 2010 following several years of optimistic letter writing ‘tween him and me, Strangely, using his partner Jackie’s email address.
Holly continued working at Bebside until the landlord kicked him oot. After a period working in Holland, he returned to the North-East of England and records and occasionally entertains as one half of The Symptoms. Strangely and Holly have been in contact since July 2007 and Holly has been a good source for archival material and correcting errors therein.
Mr Excess, after bizarrely returning to our roots, making videos and helping others in the community, finally (and sadly for me) reached the Carlsberg induced oblivion he craved in December 2009.
Errol Dynamic (The Honourable Ted) probably won’t speak to anyone again. He’s happy with his own stuff, having previously worked with Mark Riley and the Creepers.
Haircut hung himself, which was weird – and very sad.
The information about band members following Strangely’s departure has been provided by Holly & Doomage and can be found here.
Strangely Perfect, back in the UK in 86,  started landscape gardening but stopped that when it became too dangerous, then ran a delivery business and news agency with his wife, got his Class One HGV, spun wheels for some years while raising a family and then created custom SQL and VBA code for a foreign-owned business leeching from the NHS and its employees until he saw the light.  He now lives in France (where he should have stayed 30 years ago).

He now manages this website and all band communications.


Recent Releases

Spookhouse Cover

Spookhouse – the final issue

Spookhouse was finally released in 2012. Thanks go to Erik in Belgium.

n.b. Jeff wanted it called the pitmatic “Spookhoose” but Holly insisted it was called Spookhouse and since Jeff was by now dead and I figure only as a creative trigger on a track or so, Spookhouse it is.  It’s a cracking piece of plastic to own.  The artwork is from shots of the time.

To enlarge on a previous mention, the value of who-did-what only becomes an issue when rights and status are purloined from their natural home. ‘Twas ever thus in music and art. The two CD issues of earlier tapes and discs were released in several ways, depending on the author of the story, each author having their own particular gripe.

For myself, Strangely Perfect, I was not consulted on this by anyone. My gripes are post story and the dastardly deeds are done – except some fucker has raked up the ashes.

Downloadable art is another issue though.

  • Sex Machine and Berlin were (according to Jeff in an email to me which I still have) stolen to big up the Gas Chair Clown CD by Baldy Chester and Mr Nice.  Jeff said to me when I found out how this corruption of truth occurred,
    • “When I heard that The Gas Chair was about to be re-released on LTM, naturally I became curious. Some elementary detective work led me on the trail of Anth Chester, so I contacted him and he filled me in on the details – James Nice, a former employee of Factory Benelux had found half of the master tapes of said album and had asked for Anth’s permission to rip off one side of an original vinyl for a re-issue. I understand that he was given a £250 advance for this, which I stress he split with Holly 50-50 and in the process acquired the master tape of Homunculus Equinox.So far so good I thought – after all Anth and Holly did play their parts in those recordings which nobody can deny. What I didn’t know about at that time were the “bonus” tracks, and I was a bit peeved about the inclusion of Sex Machine and Berlin of which you know neither of them had anything to do with. But by the time I found that out, it was a Done Deal in Production and I childishly decided to keep my opinionated trap shut. Be clear though, I’m not dissing Holly…” – Jeff Crowe

      – this info is not hidden and has always been on this site.  Jeff’s ‘bit peeved’ is the irony we had as schoolmates.  Translate it as fucking fuming as he said to me in a later phone call, plus other not-niceties.

  • Art started by Baldy Chester was unceremoniously bunged as the first two tracks of the Homunculus Equinox CD to big up Chester’s ego, or if not, why?…  However, my keyboard, Jeff’s guitar and our sound effects and production turn what were two dismal tracks into something a bit more special.
  • A similar situation exists with the on-line-only release of the cul-de-sac that was called Crawling Chaos/Danger in Paradise, though not by me (SP).  True, as Jeff again said to me in an email, both Jeff and I played and added to Baldy Chester’s creations (Jeff forgot to mention the others I guess), but it was not ever Crawling Chaos.
  • To build on the above as Jeff’s comment says just above, Baldy, though not playing live, did artistic contributions on some of the first two Crawling Chaos albums’ content.  A multitude of recordings were done in The Pits Studio that overlapped in time with various personnel, but it was always understood that the performance artists amalgamated into separate entities from the public domain releases of materiel, yet at the same time those on each recording would “receive their cut”, as it’s said…    Maybe this post explains more about why this line is here and why the end has changed a bit…?

n.b. There is a large amount of unreleased material of jams, experiments, tests and versions.

Tempus FugitAt some point in the near future as tempus fugit, I will release all the emails I’ve had between Jeff and myself in a readable form.  For me(sp), personally, it was to my eternal relief that Jeff and I communicated after many years gap, but also, it’s to my everlasting chagrin that we never again met face to face.

For further information, please use the contact form on this website here.


Much Later Info

The recent death of Jackie, Jeff’s partner and through whose systems I had to communicate with the self-confessed Luddite that he was in these matters, is very sad. There have been a few happenings like this this past year. As the end of my sixth decade approaches it makes one think. As Jeff’s mam said to me this morning (29/5/2015),

Live life to the full because you never know what life will bring tomorrow. Those two went early, but they had happy lives together.

She then went on to ask about my ageing mam, which is what we do. Nichiren, a 13th century Japanese guy concludes in, “The Problem to Be Pondered Night and Day” – a brilliant read actually, from top to bottom…

You must not spend your lives in vain and regret it for ten thousand years to come.

…which is what Jeff’s mam said, in a different way. George Harrison said something similar.


Because the text is by me, Strangely Perfect, by definition, the information is skewed to my viewpoint using my memories of my personal experiences. But this transcript is open to continuous edit because nothing in this universe is constant and new information and opinions continuously surface like matter spontaneously arises from the quantum soup. I’ve included all of this as it’s been presented to me. Whatever has been written is probably an order of magnitude short.

– Strangely Perfect.

16 Responses to Myths

  1. Clinka

    Hi Rees, hope you’re well. Oblivion overrated, running video company instead. Carlsberg is piss anyway. You’d be a little surprised by where I live now, as I was. GC

  2. swizz

    well, i suppose i enjoyed reading that. the Fen and Holly photo’s took me back 30+ years, all very interesting in its way . .well I’m going to bed cos I’m feeling tired now , Shieldsy comes in to my mind every so often.his humor was great, he used to call his neighbors by some great names. fag as Lil. mother Teresa. etc, once he delivered daffodils to fag ash Lil singing to her as she done the dishes watching him through the kitchen window with myself in attendance and his mother watching from the bus stop on the way to the bingo in Delaval!. .great stuff . .(he would have been 15 at the time) i guess Seghill was never going to fulfill anything for the him .

  3. Interestin story about Sex Machine’s flattened cover. Just looked at mine – bought when it were released, I’ll add, an it’s as flat as a witch’s tit.

  4. Joop

    you are such a great band. one more peso will probably be played at my funeral. you’re the soundtrack of my youth and will stay in my vains forever. a respectful thank you from me to all of you….

    • Ha Ha – cheers Joop. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that the whistling I added at the end of that track has it’s genesis in Kites by Simon Dupree and the Big Sound… you may not hear it, but I can, in my head.
      p.s. I still haven’t grown up, properly.

      • Joop

        only read your reply a week ago. just ordered the simon dupree 7″ via discogs. lovely song; i’ll play it to my wife when i get it. been playing a lot of your songs lately, think i’ll never grow up properly myself, but that’s a great thing to cherish !!!

        • Better late than never, eh?

          Growing up means you’re old. Never grow up – yeah!

  5. Sean from Southampton

    Hi, Strangely. Great website! Fascinating to read the history of the band and fill in the gaps (or at least some of them). I was a big fan of your music back in the 1980s and for a while corresponded via the Foetus mail address – not knowing that by then the original and main creative force had departed. In May 1987 I paid a flying visit to Bebside Hall and met Holly and Jeff. They were wonderful. They took me to Billy Baldy’s club and put me up overnight at Foetus HQ. They explained that you had gone, probably never to return, but at that stage they were still hoping to keep the CC going as a performing and recording entity. I still enjoy listening to all the records and cassettes even now 30 years later. You were a peculiarly modest genius. Great to know you and Holly are still around, but very sad to hear about Jeff. All you people get off my back! Cheers, Sean.

    • Cheers Sean. I’ll take time to ruminate on the modest genius bit of it all…

    • Following some travelling and a bit of rumination, Sean, I’ve written a post which includes some extra stuff of our earlier modest genius days

      It all ties up (in my head at least) with lots of stuff; art, the meaning of art, the perils of an artist, part-time jobs, time and space and contemporaneousness.

      It’s here:

  6. Sean from Southampton

    Great piece on Ashton-Smith and links to Lovecraft, thanks. Also great out-take of “Get Off My Back”, which I hadn’t noticed before. So many hidden corners of this website still yet for me to discover.
    I’ve been going back through all my old CC recordings. Some great stuff on ‘cunt’ and ‘In Search of B.O.M.’, but just so many questions – and it’s now all a long time ago. Any chance of a few more lyrics, please? ‘Oh Blasé’, ‘Circulation Waltz’, ‘1078-1082’, ‘Yoni Suchon’, ‘disierta membra’? Cheers, Sean.

    • Now yer askin’! If Paul sung them they’d be on his pieces of paper and he’s dead so it’ll take careful listening! I’ll see what I can do (I seem to spend a lot of time chopping wood, eating and shopping for food these days ;-) )
      Even better, if you have the time from the mundanities of life, have a good listen and write them out – I need all the help I can get. Yes. Seriously.
      FYI, I’ve just been laboriously amending some text and piecing together a posting for someone that is the Iain Duncan Smith of music, I kid ye not. I cannot say who that is though – sort of Voldermort-ish. It’s taking hours.

      But apart from that, please ask questions. It may bring forth stuff from the depths of the subconscious, or Pegswood. And this may release a small cascade of subsequent details from elsewhere, perhaps.

  7. pete flynn

    Hi Rees, just discovered this site and remembering visits to Bebside with the Freaks (Electric) also gigs New Hartley (Blond Ethepian Dance Troupe) Gosforth Assembly rooms Silver Moon Nenthead and others. Your music and sense of fun is a great tattoo in/on the brain. Got some old pics if you’re interested. P.

  8. Loving the tattoo metaphore… cheers Pete

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