Three Zombies Dancing with Mary Whitehouse

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Three Zombies Dancing with Mary Whitehouse

December 17, 2007 Uncategorised 1

There are now three different Zombie Dance mixes which has to be some kind of a record. Strangely has cleaned them up but because of the state of the tapes the quality is getting worse and it’s harder to do. It’d be easier and quicker to hire a few drunk dudes and record everything from scratch. EEK Apart from getting someone to play like Harry that is.

All the versions are found here, One runs straight into “Mary Whitehouse” which Strangely made up when he worked in a fibreglass factory in Welshpool (see Myths page, Not surprisingly it’s about the woman of that name who stood astride her festival of light pontificating about the moral decline of the nation – this being the same nation that from it’s economic policies had previously started two world wars, engineered the Suez crisis and ditched all responsibilities to the “citizens” it’d made across the globe when it decided they cost too much. These same economic policies exist today and are strangling those same peoples in Africa et al by limiting their markets, imposing import tariffs or preferential treatment to others and meanwhile, as is the case in Burkina Faso or Nigeria say, extracting all their mineral wealth and just leaving them with 5% of the dosh.

Fuck the nation state, fuck their rulers and fuck their patriotic self-serving greedy inhabitants. They’re all dancing like zombies into a world bereft of food, energy and freedom.


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