Added Extra Pictures and Posters

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Added Extra Pictures and Posters

February 24, 2008 Uncategorised 0

I’ve added some more pictures and posters that I’ve scanned and photographed today, to the pictures page.  Highlights, if you like, include the poster for the last ever Crawling Chaos gig in the Low Countries, some Blonde Ethiopian stuff, some Ernest Kakas incarnations and a late era Crawling Chaos gig.

The last one is notable  as Jeff has assembled tights and my old white leather jacket (to which he always had an attachment) into a fashion statement.  The key motif is “the painting of the faces with felt pens” in the gangster style of the “Ant Hill Mob” from Wacky Races.

This (and other gig dandiness),  pre-dates the recent gig silliness of Gnarls Barkley by two decades, proving yet again that Crawling Chaos were ahead of the times by a chasm.


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