Variations on a Theme of Zombie Dance

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Variations on a Theme of Zombie Dance

March 24, 2016 Uncategorised 0

Featuring Jeff and Rees


This is Jeff and Rees alone in 1985.  Recorded not long after the drunken “Letter to America”.  It relies heavily on the ring modulator, joining a Roland synth to my old self-constructed keyboard (sp).

Essentially, it is Rees playing the keyboards after having discovered an amazing little ditty.  Jeff then twiddled various settings and mix desk controls, on the nod from Rees so that the necessary impact could be made.

It was always intended to be a base for further layerings, but in the end, it has stayed as it is.  Extra layers could still be added with judicious enveloping since the piece divides up quite well into a few sections.  Some are easily sampled for instance…  Have a go, giving credit where credit’s due….



The track lies buried on an old cassette tape.  Recently my old E-MU sound box has gone a bit odd (sounds like a failing capacitor pops) so I have had to resort to the PC’s onboard sound, which is okay, but noisier than the old E-MU.

A better “quality”, if that’s the word version  is here. The file, even as the mp3 file here is 23Mb……. The version playing is @92kbs Enjoy:





It reminds me of two things:

  1. Very much Zombie Dance (hence the title)
  2. ….and very much some old and newer Dr Who incidental music, especially with regard to the Cybermen.

For now, I find it very fitting to the angst at play in the world currently, the lies, the connivances, the wanton killings, the spying, the secretive digital governments.  All that kind of shit.

Lots of love from Rees


Images of Jeff and Rees are from a selection supplied by Pete Flynn.  Cybermen nicked off the BBC website – who cares, it’s just the tory party’s official mouthpiece now, more than ever.


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