First Gig

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First Gig

January 30, 2018 Uncategorised 0

First Gig at Bridge Hotel Newcastle

As mentioned here, the first gig was at the Bridge Hotel next to the Norman Keep after which Newcastle is named – it was called Monkchester prior to this because of all the monks and monasteries.

In a burst of stupid creativity we decided to create a magazine, with no real idea what to do afterwards.  We filled it with all sorts of stuff, one of which was a scurrilous depiction of our first gig by Thatcher, the devilish UK prime minister at that time.  This is the transcript….

Forward by Magret Thatche (sic)

I first met the members 
of the Crawling Chaos early 
in 1979, where they were 
playing the Bridge Hotel 
Newcastle, Impressed!  
- I can tell you 
that taught me a thing or two.
  the guitarist had two 
trails of snot bouncing like 
yo-yos off the ground
  the singer had a Viking 
Helmet with two visibly 
used Dr White's 
hung like 
spaniels lugs 
from where 
the horns
 should have been

And I'd like to 
say frankly 
that Bowie character 
gets on my tits


This is a scan from Jeff.  He described what happened with the “magazine” later, here.


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