Hamilton Hotel, Whitley Bay

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Hamilton Hotel, Whitley Bay

August 16, 2007 Anecdotes 0

Hamilton Hotel, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear

Contemperaneous view down South Parade

View down South Parade, Whitley Bay, late 70’s

This picture from this page shows a pic from an attic looking down South Parade. The Hamilton has changed names several times since Crawling Chaos got chucked out for being too loud. It was down on the left of South Parade heading towards the sea. The Rex Hotel is visible as the last hotel on the right before the sea. It’s still there.

Whitley Gay

Whitley Gay

A gig was arranged and I organised a magician old school friend called Dave Brown to do a spot in between our two sets. (I only bumped into him walking down the street – funny that.)

Unfortunately, the owner woman found the music too loud and offensive (she should have guessed by our name, doh!) and called the police as we refused to stop playing until we were paid.

South Parade 2006 - a similar view

South Parade 2006 – a similar view

A big burly sergeant turned up with a bit of backup ‘cos the place was pretty packed. I noticed Doomage and Fatso getting pretty fired up for an argument so I put on my diplomatic hat and arranged for us to finish with a couple of quiet numbers, then the magician to do his spot, and then we’d get paid and go. We must’ve looked like good punk-bad punk to her, poor red-lip-sticked woman. The big old sergeant asked her if this was okay, in a reasonable voice, and she acquiesced, so the agreed events passed by. And that’s what happened. Extra info here and here.

This was one of the three times to my recollection that we (or I) got paid not to play!!


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