Working Men’s Club, Manchester

Last updated on August 16th, 2020

Working Men’s Club, Manchester

On a ‘tour’ of various places in Manchester, one was this club (name now forgotten). However, we had two sets to play and all the way through the first some bloke kept shouting at us “got any Newman – got any Newman?”

I went “wah?” to which he replied, “Newman, y’know, Gary Newman. Friends are Electric, like?”

I said “nah, we don’t do that” and he was a bit huffed. In the break the club chairman or concert’s bloke came up to us with a bunch of his stewards for comfort and asked us not to do the second set. We said “No. We’re booked to do two, we’ll play two, and you’ll pay us for two.” Needless to say, he said, “Oh that’s alright, don’t worry, we’ll pay you. It’s just it’s not what the audience are used to here…”

Aye. Manchester. Second Pay-off.

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