Electric Circus, Manchester

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Electric Circus, Manchester

August 16, 2007 Anecdotes 0

Electric Circus, Manchester:

Electric Circus Busy Outside

Electric Circus Busy Outside

During the soundchecks at Manchester’s Electric Circus, a clash of personalities erupted between guitarists (no beer spilt tho’)….

Jeff was on stage drinking a pint of beer (half full) when the band’s guitarist took offence at his presence and pushed him bodily, backwards off the stage.

Jeff fell backwards about four to five feet onto the hard floor – and then proceeded to do a perfect backward roll, all in one movement, popping up standing without losing any beer at all!

Electric Circus (Kevin Cummings)

Electric Circus (Kevin Cummings)

A split second later he’d placed the beer on a the floor and leapt onto the stage, straight-arm grabbed the other guy right round the trachea with his thin, strong fingers, and started squeezing until the other guy started passing out and a heap of folks pulled him off.

Buzzcocks at Electric Circus

The drop

Amazing! No beer spilt!

The drop can be seen clearly in this image taken from here.  You had to be there, I guess.


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