Cover of HARRY by High Density

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Cover of HARRY by High Density

September 11, 2007 Uncategorised 1

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have uploaded my cover of HARRY onto my myspace website. Its very different to my other recordings, but I wanted to make a good job of it. The site address is

Hope you all enjoy it!



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  1. Strangely says:

    Hi Mark.

    Thanks for that. I actually checked yesterday but haven’t got back to you. So now I have! Holly is the one who wrote Harry Secombe, I told him that someone had made a cover so let’s see his opinion…
    It was always one of my favourites. When I first heard it I stuck a kindov sixth slow keyboard harmony on top which sort of appeared in our live efforts (as well as everyone else’s bits). The one on the record was us just pissing around. Why release that one? Fuck knows, it was a vote! Live, it was a full-on track, usually Paul singing it.

    Your version I quite liked, the beginning especially. Until you got a bit squawky near the end, but you’ve already acknowledged that to me in your personal message. I think you could’ve dropped it down a key for the sake of your throat!

    I’m giving you these opinions today. Tomorrow is another day with possibly different opinions. And I might disagree with them as well even though they were my opinions previously. There’s a lot of this sort of thing in music which is a very subjective thing.

    The actual track had some really nice elements. When you do the change at 1:59 I think I’d have done it totally differently. Probably with those subterranean noises that you use elsewhere but without so much depth on the flange and taking the flange rate right down. Take the beat right out. I also like the chord inversion you use at 0:30 as it’s different to the preceding ones. I also like the way you phrased “saucers” at 1:30. I tell you what the intro sounded like?…”Due South”, the incidental music during the shows. Weird eh? Is it just me or can you get that?

    I’m in two minds about when the beat kicks in. I can see(hear!) where you’re coming from but there’s something not quite right for me that I can’t put my finger on.

    However, as I said it’s my opinion and I’m biased having played it hundreds of times in lots of different ways. The original “Nothin'” way started with an over-plucked bass guitar and was quite perky.

    Thanks for placing your track. You are very brave! Keep in touch and let me know of other stuff, covers or otherwise, you are doing.


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