Site adjustments, plugins and widgets

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Site adjustments, plugins and widgets

September 11, 2007 Uncategorised 1

I’ve added a couple of widget things to see what they feel like. One pops up a little page preview and the other is a chat facility. Currently I’m just talking amongst myself, are you? No I’m not.

But you know… It may be of value somehow. I’m of the opinion that everything is a benefit. If there’re any problems they’re easy enough to take off and if the chat gets abused or my bandwidth suffers then I can easily allow it for registerees only. Speaking of which, the numbers are going up. I like this way of doing things; people have to make a genuine positive effort to get involved. Not like myspace (my pet hate – hey! that’s a good name) which is just a bit like click here to vote – like der..

However, I think I need a different wordpress theme, a nice 3-4 column job. I’ll still do it in green and gold because I like it, but I’ve too much stuff to get out and the layout is a bit restricting whilst not providing all the functionality I require. I know there are ways to get the major posts centrally while allowing a non-interactive front page, so I’ll look into it.


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  1. Strangely says:

    Actually, I think I’ll stick with a two-column-er. I want the eye business to be where all the info is, like the myths and music. I’ve tried quite a few layouts now and the multicolumn ones are for different tasks – presenting lots of little snippets of information. The history of Crawling Chaos is somewhat different. I’m trying to present most of it as a (I hope) readable account of the goings-on, which implies a dense set of words. I’m trying to use hyperlinks to lead the reader to little side-shows that would, if they appeared in the main narrative, be too dull or distracting from the main gist.

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