Nice Interview with Stuart Argabright at Popcorn Youth

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Nice Interview with Stuart Argabright at Popcorn Youth

September 19, 2007 Uncategorised 1

Ike Yard I’ve just read a very informative interview with Stuart at Popcorn Youth. Stuart contacted me about half a year back when I was correcting some fallacies in a Dissensus posting about Crawling Chaos. Since then, we have had a few emails across the water. I never realised how much stuff he’s been into and how many projects he’s instigated and been part of. And yes, he got fucked about by Factory as well.

The depth of his experimentation is impressive. It’s a shame we never got to meet in the Crawling Chaos/early NYC days. He’s due in Paris, London or Glasgow – but not all at once. He steadfastly refuses to contemplate Bridgwater as a venue which is sad as I make a lovely cup of tea. Also, I think given the right publicity and support that they’d go down a storm. Ah well…


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  1. Argabright says:

    Cheers Jack

    Ike Yard may not have been able to make a 2007 Bridgewater date for a cuppa , but cannot rule one out for 2008…

    Looks like –
    we hear from our potential benefactor that we WILL come over to Paris and supposedly , London
    in which case a ‘New York Noise Night’ may ensue
    (hopefully with help from our brother Stuart @ Soul Jazz) …
    Noise photo book out now,
    Black Dog Pub. No Wave Book out soon too,
    should be some Ike Yard in there as well as the group that preceeded IY and got moi into electronics , The Futants
    (’78 -’79 unrecorded , German / NYC electro mixage, Cheers and RIP Martin Fischer from way bk in W Berlin ).

    IY invited to play the next ‘Plan K / Factory Night’ in Brussels,
    wait for it – Dec. 2008 with a reformed ACR .

    IY just did a sweet jam night with Liquid Liquid rhythm section
    last week . More of this to come ,
    Dennis Young will prolly figure in our live shows too,
    rec’ as well.

    Lots going on .
    Oh yeah there’s a holiday !
    Off to Japan Dec. 30 till Jan.25 ,
    a long peaceful – same time crazy Tokyo time immersion
    with the missus Noyuri.

    All best for 2008
    Stuart for IY

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