Harry Secombe back from the dead – gasp..

Last updated on August 16th, 2020

It’s the mug I’m after ‘cos coffee doesn’t interest me. natalie deeSaucers Spinning on Bendy Sticks Harry Secombe

Jack Throb has worked Harry over a bit for this reprise. The piece is properly tuned (the original was mistakenly recorded with the Tascam varispeed set to minimum so that when mastered at proper speed it played fast). This is (roughly) how it would’ve sounded in the room, and if Strangely’d managed to get some extra overdubs on. Better late than never. Jack is sorry for any offence to the purists but hey, I can do it. I left the bit in where a guitar bashed the mike stand.

2 Replies to “Harry Secombe back from the dead – gasp..”

  1. Ive heard it & I love it! Its amazing how different the song sounds with it being slowed down a touch. Love the additional instruments. My new extended version of Harry shall soon b available, once I get a mic that works so I can redo the vocals. i will keep u all posted.

  2. Thanks Mr Density. I’ve missed a few postings recently. I slowed it down 0.9266 related to original. There are four extra bits but you won’t notice. I look forward to your new version!


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