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  1. The Hamilton Hotel was owned in my family from its beginning until the early 70s. The Edes family were the owners, Elsie Edes being my great-aunt. Derek, her husband had less of a business brain but was good at running a hotel. Next door to the Hamilton there was another hotel whose name escapes me, but it was run by Ben Hardaker. Ben didn’t use a vast amount of beer so he and the Edes’s had a hole knocked in the cellar wall and his beer was pumped in from the Hamilton. I got this story from Ben’s son, Jeff. I don’t know the precise date when the family sold the hotel, but my aunt, Doreen, who lived in Wooler, knew all the details. I wish you peace and well-being.

    1. We had our honeymoon at the Hamilton Hotel, Whitley Bay Oct 28 1961 – we are staying again in Whitley Bay but no-one seems to know the location of the Hamilton. Can you help

      John & Joan Sewell

      1. Hi John.
        I’m asking around since it’s 30 years since I lived in the area and I now live in France, but I’ll get back if I can.
        It was down on the left, over halfway down, but checking Google streetview leaves me no wiser since all the properties have changed and yet look the same…..

    2. qHi

      My mam and dad worked in the Hamilton Hotel from 1970, I dont know for how long . Can you give me any information with regards to this. The name was Geggie

  2. My parents spent their honeymoon in the Hamilton in January 1953 (the perfect time of year for a holiday on the North East coast!). They were married in Shotley Bridge, Co Durham. Just found the receipt: £4.2.o for two nights half board by the look of it.

  3. My Mam and Dad has there wedding reception there on the 7th of September 1961. Just stumbled upon an invitation. We live on Vancouver Island. Just trying to find out more about the venue.
    Mark Catto

  4. Hi Mark.
    I know nothing more than what’s in this little chain of comments and links. Sorry.

    You have a nice photo website, by the way. I’ve read your bit about Provence and I know the area well. The old quarry at Baux (which is where the name for aluminium ore, bauxite, derives from) is fantastic. I saw the son et lumiere in there when it was a joint show of Van Gogh & Gaughin a few years ago.
    You don’t state by which route you left the quarry. However, there are a couple of interesting things about the routes out….
    1. If you’d have carried on up the little road north after the quarry it winds through rock formations up and over a wooded hill and down to St Remy. When it’s hot the rocks shimmer in the heat looking like hellish faces and distorted bodies…..Dante is reported to have travelled this route which gave him the inspiration for ‘Inferno’.
    2. If you’d have gone back to town and then headed to St Remy along the main road you’d have passed one of the best preserved Roman mausoleums anywhere on the other side of the road to Glanum. You don’t even need to pay – it is just , just off the road. It’s 2000 years old.


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