We Are Not Nyarko-san

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We Are Not Nyarko-san

June 7, 2012 Uncategorised 0

Crawling Chaos v Nyarko-san

Amazingly, H.P. Lovecraft’s creation of The Crawling Chaos has spawned a whole panoply of creativity across the globe – more so since the web has taken off.

Initially, it was only ourselves, the North-East England band Crawling Chaos that used the name.

Now, apart from a succession of mainly metal-type bands, there are art-house film studios, blogs, bloggers and websites that use the name as well as a minor animé industry in Japan.  That’s where the Nyarko-san in the title is derived.

One day I’ll compile a list, but not now.  Tempus fugit etc.


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Main image: “The Fall of Numenor,” an allusion to Atlantis made by J.R.R. Tolkien well after HP Lovecraft did his stuff.