Comments & Photos Re-instated

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Comments & Photos Re-instated

November 27, 2007 Uncategorised 1

Yep. It’s in the title really.

I’ve re-set the comments to appear on (virtually) every page to add a bit more spontaneity. I initially locked stuff down quite brutally after the twit muslims had hacked my site and duffed up some pix. I fixed this almost straight away with heaps of extra security that I’ve now discovered (so thanks for that chaps, and you are chaps, I can tell), but have only got round to re-implementing the functionality now. Why? Dunno. So there.

A contact page is on the way. The host supplied script doesn’t work in the blog so I’ll find another way.

The photo page has been re-jigged a bit. I’ve lost some of the stuff from Holly. I may have to ask again if I can’t find it as I lost the email with a bit of dodgy computer upgrading…

Strangely Perfect


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  1. Strangely says:

    Since I opened the site up again slightly I’ve had two DIFFERENT spam comments from “Russian” sites trying to flog me XP and Office etc.
    I’ve set them as spam for the Akismet database so I’ll see what happens again.

    The reason I said “Russian” was that one was in China and the other in the USA from the whois.

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