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Site Re-Jig Again

I’ve decided to put a bit more logic behind the organisation of the information on the site. all the music wiil be grouped by the release on which it was issued and in the order it appears on the release. Unreleased and bootleg stuff will appear on their own page As much info as possible…
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August 24, 2007 0

Ashen Lyrics

Mr Sympton left a message (so ta for that) correcting my impaired hearing and memory over the lyrics for Ashen. Fuck me, for years I thought Paul sang summick else! This has been done. However, as part of the update I found that the links from the posts weren’t updating properly on the lyrics page,…
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August 22, 2007 0

An August Day for Progress

The site has now totally moved across to a WordPress operation. Music and links are nearly all sorted out. I’m going to get the song lyrics set as separate postings to make future indexing easier. Probably have a better linking, playing and info structure in place as well for all the spurious information. Using the…
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August 19, 2007 0

442 discontinued

The words of Loofahs finally don’t make sense any more! This is a message from Ian Hope, Customer Service Manager for Arriva transport. Thank you for your enquiry.The 442 service has been rerouted and curtailed so as to operate between North Shields and New Hartley. It has also been renumbered 12. To view the timetable,…
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August 14, 2007 0

Main image: “The Fall of Numenor,” an allusion to Atlantis made by J.R.R. Tolkien well after HP Lovecraft did his stuff.