Main image: “The Fall of Numenor,” an allusion to Atlantis made by J.R.R. Tolkien well after HP Lovecraft did his stuff.


The Crawling Chaos

...of North-East England

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All works will appear here soon enough. This is a variable mix-down blog so different mixes may appear periodically. (SP)

Painful Death

      Painful Death (homage to my brother & sister and us all)

The greatest respect that anyone can have for anyone is to totally empathise with the manner of their death.

That’s what I think (sp) and it is my effort as I imagine the death of my brother and sister who both died from Cystic Fibrosis, (just like most of the 250k killed by Boris Johnson’s lies and procrastinations that died from Covid-19), with the fear… as they drowned on their own phelgm, pulse pounding in their skulls, intubated & strapped down, goggly eyes, growing dim.

The morphine helped, of course…. My brother told me that he’d asked the nurses to overdose him to kill him, but they wouldn’t.



The Prick


A very early work, lyrics (sic!) by Perfect, Khult & Dynamic. Often performed live in the early punk-ish days.

The track has appeared on low-issue compilation cassettes, erroneously dubbed “live”. It was recorded in Attic Studios. The cut has been cleaned up by me (SP) with fine dynamic EQ and compression.



Final article appears on The Big C. This pulled from a test tape.

More or less the final cut except with Paul Shield’s original vocals. They weren’t right so Strangely Perfect did vocals for the vinyl release which can be heard here. Compare and contrast!

Yoni Suchon


Live version from same set as Sex Machine (below)

This is pretty close to the original way the track was played. The later version on Waqqaz has several (obvious) structural differences to this. It’s a quite powerful piece of stuff.

Sex Machine


Live version recorded without bass & drums

This is part of an hour long live cassette tape that is almost worthy of being issued as an LP in it’s entirety despite the quality and despite the odd mistake and despite the gaps and despite the odd error in mixing and despite the odd tape drop-out. Remocarpet with Jeff singing his lyrics is astounding…
– I’d forgotten how good we were and we could be. This version is straight from tape without any processing and “features” the irregular breaks in the chorus appearance that were an original feature during the track’s genesis –  but had to be dropped to make it easier for the drummer.  It’s the best explosion I ever made at the end. You can hear the inner anger on that day which was due to personal issues, the venue and not least that while doing the singy bits at the beginning I couldn’t reach the mixer to get a better guitar-keyboard balance (sp).



Original called “Sue” in bootleg form or Belgium cassette tapes releases. This is it’s correct title.

Pits recording featuring Strangely and Clinka. Unfinished as is. Little boy lost vocals. Needs different bass fill and some blanket keyboards.
The “sound” of the piece is deliberate. Strangely wanted really spaced out backings with a voice really right in the middle of your face, too close for comfort. A bit like walking alone on cliff-tops in a fog, singing a tune so that it’s hard to place distances and perspectives correctly and then coming upon someone so that their voice is out of synch with the surroundings. Much like the tenor of the HP Lovecraft tale “The Crawling Chaos”, or something.



Not standard issue

Recorded in The Pits. The usual suspects are performing. Standard Strangely clean-up.

Zombie Dance


Found on Homunculus Equinox as strange short tune before East of West Allotment.

This track was played many times in live situations. It was probably one of the tunes that upset Adam Sweeting so much. Twat. at the Golden Eagle in Blyth. The Zombie Dance bit was used on Homunculus Equinox but speeded up 4x, and it’s part of a longer continuous sequence finishing with “Mary Whitehouse” (see below).Performers are Fatso, Doomage, Strangely and Holly – who got paid as he was just starting and had a kind of contract. We soon sorted that out and he was taken on full time so didn’t need paying. Wahay!

Zombie Dance


Part of Zyclon B Zombies onstage performance accompaniment

Zyclon B Zombie performance at Newcastle University containing blood, guts,shouting,Bacchus and several specially recorded tracks by Doomage and Strangely. This is one.

Zombie Dance => Mary Whitehouse


Recorded live on cassette at The Golden Eagle, Blyth, Northumberland

This is the above bit more or less complete. Shame about the quality. The tapes are starting to disintegrate and this is the best clean-up I can manage for now. It’s basically a trade-off between heaps of hiss and heaps of extra audio artifacts.


The second version (added 18/12/7) uses HarBal (Harmonic Balancing) mastering software to hack in at the eq. I’ll come back in a couple of days after my ears are rested and delete the duffest version.

Mary Whitehouse was a standard punk-ish tune that was never released but was part of the set at this time which went something like this: slow track – fast track- slow track- fast track etc sometimes with big gaps and sometimes rolled into a continuous melange.

Fatso Died and Liked It

As an experiment to attempt to relive the post genesis events of this track on it’s anniversary, Strangely quickly cobbled a little video..  A description of this is here and here.

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    Hello from Venice, Italy! What a great website about a great unforgotten band… I would love to see all those amazing tracks released on cd or vinyl one day! Great stuff indeed.

    PS: Unfolk & Kevin Hewick have just released a new cd “The Venetian Book Of The Dead” definitely Factory influenced!

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Main image: “The Fall of Numenor,” an allusion to Atlantis made by J.R.R. Tolkien well after HP Lovecraft did his stuff.