Traditional Folk Poem #1

Traditional Folk Poem No.1

I’ll take you out of this place

to an Island in time

away from the bright lights

sipping lager and lime

traditional – I’m thinking it’s one of Jeff’s….

Sweaty Nocks

Sweaty Nocks

Sipping half, wearing skirts,

Trying to look fancy,

Shit chat, bunch of puffs,

Yes it’s Club Nancy.

G.E.T. ’51’

Smarmy Twat

Smarmy Twat

Punctures are a hazard when cycling

The other day I got one from a thorn

I had to walk ten miles home

So even my stump was worn.

G.E.T. ’79’



I found a fiver

Down sniffers den

Drunk all afternoon

Got drunk again

G.E.T. ‘Lost’