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This includes all of the Foetus Products stuff, not just Crawling Chaos. (the two thousand and oh’s CD releases by LTM are a melange of FAC17, FACBN6, FOETUS 0001 & FOETUS SR0001 which really pissed off all members of The Crawling Chaos)
 Major Release Code Format Track Titles
Sex MachineFAC 177 inch vinylSex Machine Berlin
Gas Chair Clown (released as The Gas Chair)FACBN 612 inch vinylMacabre Royale
Creamo Coyl
Left Hand Path
Disierta Membra
Canadian Pacific
Breaking Down
Homunculus EquinoxFOETUS 0001CassetteWhat’s Your Noise
Fuel For The Blonde Ethiopian
Taste Of Honey
Mummy’s Tummy
Valium B
Tom’s Bum (There’s)
Stinging Gnats
Heavy Lovin’
The Mongolian Steak Bar
Tell Me Why
East Of West Allotment
One More Peso
Sinews Are A Girls Best Friend (The Blonde Etheopian)FOETUS 00027 inch vinylNeep Heeds
Throwing Pins
Reel 1
Horse Bath
I Got Loofahs
Not Transferable
The Last Pose>(Danger In Paradise) a.k.a. A Chester, G Clennell, M Rees, J Crowe Foetus SR0001CassetteThe Last Pose
A Moment Of Sanity
Death Is…
That’s Life
Danger In Paradise
Block Numbers
The Ritual
The Hymm
Laughing Jam – Smoke Rings
The Big CFoetus 312 inch vinylGygno
Urbane Encounter
Wee Jimmy (Part II)
The Katrina Syndrome
Jhonn’s Angel
The Vulva Boatman
Fraüline Le Moîne
WAQQAZFoetus 412 inch vinylRemocarpet
Oh Blasé
Fatso Died And Likes It
Trouty Hobin
Comrade Dolphin
Reg Vase
The White Sybil
Yoni Suchon
Curling Sandwiches
I Must Be Ambidextrous (I Can Smoke With Both Hands)
Comrade Dolphin (Reprise)
Spookhouse (Released July 2012 on Foetus Products and exclusively on through eeTapes, Belgium – thanks Erik.)FOET101
(EE25 on eeTapes)
CD + digital downloadBig Nail
Scotland Gate
Yes Boss
The Box
Veggie Squad
Yeti Cometh
Dave Judgement
Memory Loss
The Game
Creosote Dreams
Little Prick
Camera Action

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  1. nice to see this, an island of shit amongst a sea of piss, i find it very comforting. well done chaps. the internet needs more of this type of content to counter act all the nice stuff . . .actually i like it much . . .

  2. Hi
    I saw the band at Spectro Arts workshop and was on the bus with them to the Leigh festival. THink I also saw them at the White Elephant? I still have the factory single on 45. Kevin

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