Gas Chair Clown a.k.a. “The Gas Chair”

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Gas Chair Clown Front - wrongly titled "The Gas Chair"

Gas Chair Clown Front

As mentioned elsewhere, this was released by Factory Records with their mistaken name of “The Gas Chair”.

Gas Chair Clown Rear - wrongly titled "The Gas Chair"

Gas Chair Clown Rear

The band thought they were very clever getting a title as an anagram of the band’s name.

There were several and the plan was for each to be used for a different LP release.

After the first fuck up, we didn’t bother.

Code: FACBN 6


Macabre Royale

Remastered version here

Recycled “Newspapers” (original lyrics on lyrics page). Slowed down and effected reworking of a Doomage creation, sans words.

There are two bonus tracks associated with this recording; Painful Death & We All Die in the End (Macabre Git)


Creamo Coyl

E.F.S. Union of “Out of the Blue” and a Nothin’ track.
Obviously a piss take. Started off with Strangely tooting on keyboards the chords to “Out of the Blue” by Roxy Music. Holly said he had one like it so we put the two together. Afternoon TV full of VO5 and Pantene Pro with micro-vitamins adverts shows this tune to be a premonition.


Left Hand Path

–almost an E.F.S. but what’s being forged?


Definately an E.F.S.

Gary and Jeff’s vocals emanate from an interstellar bar not far from the Arsenal. I’ve always been very wary of noodles since this.



Remastered version here

Actually an E.F.S.

Strangely created. Tune is arpeggiated Adim and Ddim hence Arabian sounding, hence the name. Haircut made up a few words. The tune was made on Strangely mother’s dining room table while testing the R1 and R2 combination. He was experimenting with fuzzed Adim, trying to get Aelonian and Dorian sounds. But it ended up Arabic… This mix has the snare drum alone using the long hallway at The Pits as an echo chamber again, with the other channels using our normal tape echo where appropriate.



Re-jigged version here

Harry Secombe’s coming to tea. Holly creation. Woke up after a weird dream thinking that the now deceased portly comic and singer was arriving that day. For tea.
He invented this before he took drugs. It was a much loved and valued addition to the Crawling Chaos repertoire. We made a fortune doing this song again and again a charity collection in the streets of Morpeth. Me on vocals and mouth piano thing, Holly on guitar and a couple of others on bucket collection duty.

I still play this every week; I love it!

Disierta Membra

Essentially a jam in the Can style.  Paul on vox humana.  Overdubbbed once …


Canadian Pacific

E.F.S. le grand plus en plus.
Doomage inspired creation with Strangely. Doomage & Strangely lyrics (for what they’re worth!) American gloomy country piss-take. Nice and short, fortunately. Aaah ma baabeez gorn and left me…


Breaking Down

Neat. Distinctive.

Main image: “The Fall of Numenor,” an allusion to Atlantis made by J.R.R. Tolkien well after HP Lovecraft did his stuff.