Main image: “The Fall of Numenor,” an allusion to Atlantis made by J.R.R. Tolkien well after HP Lovecraft did his stuff.



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Crawling Chaos & Foetus Products Personnel, Helpers & Liggers:

Including those on Parallel Projects and Others Mentioned in the Text.

Nom de SonCommon NameInstrumentsOther InfoKey Phrase, Act or other noteworthy thing
Strangely PerfectMartin ReesKeyboards, vox, sax, washboard, engineering, composition, electronics,  construction, productionBeer and mushrooms. Produced home-brew which wasChose the name, Crawling Chaos after reading the H.P. Lovecraft story of that name.On the Green Tape.
Doomage Khult
(Vex Drongo in Thee Earnest Kakas)
Jeff Croweguitars, keyboards, vox, sax, cellophane, engineering, composition, electronics, construction, productionBeer and mushrooms, TEKDrank 1 litre of warm, stale chip fat. Agreed ~Crawling Chaos~ was a ~good thing~ and that we should do it.On the Green Tape.
Davenport Haltonberry or HollyDavid Haltonguitars, composition, mixage, vox, additional soundsBeer and stuff. Arrived from Nothin’ .Major dance troupe choreographer and arranger. Currently a Symptom.Hairy mole on neck (still!). Famously berated ~A Certain Ratio~ as ~A Certain Pair of Tights~ to shut them up following their pitiful effort at ridiculing us…
Clinka, Mr Excess, Gazza. *******Garry Clennelldrums, compositionBeer and cider.Clinked a lot due to habit of staggering fully loaded up stairs with cider bottles. His mother had their dead pet dog in restaurant freezer for a time (Alice’s Restaurant in Whitley Bay). Under the frozen chips.
 ~Gordon Douglas SmithTEKTEKIn Thee Earnest Kakas
Macky *** ****Robert MacdonaldVox on Mummy’s Tummy. Many Artworks.Argumentative typeDesigned cover for The Big C and early artworks and photography and cover for Homunculus Equinox cassette
Straight Dave (Cookie)Dave CookBassLeft before output to public domaingot one neat riff right off that I taught him.
Too straight for words
Steve SmoothSteve SmithBassLeft before output to public domainKnew when to leave.
Too smooth for words
??Baldy ChesterVox, guitar, synth and jamminggets annoyed when he’s not called Anth  or if you mention plasteringLent out house for second major studio location. Is suck voice.
Ligger (Curly) John ****John SmithIs the self immoliator on the Homunculus Equinox cassette sleeve  (Foetus
cover up sticker censors area)
More Beer!nae scran! Sucked in by key phrase ~I feel, like a suicide’s death-bed~ on Urbane Encounter at first gig at Bridge Hotel. Famously berated Joy Division calling them Joyce repetitively till Curtis cracked. Fan and devilled kidneys supplier.
Errol DynamicEddie FennDrums, compositionbeer, sudofed and pile ointmentEnabled flat for first studio (~Sex Machine~ recorded there.) Said ~are you tonkin’ Caroline now?~. Pretty obvious really
Billy ConnollyHoward Titchmarsh ~Accidental drinker of piss.Narrator of ~The Baseball Bat Battle of North Tyneside~
GeorgeGeorge LintonDrums, compositionCame from Freak Electrik to help outSuper syncopated drums with Lorna in Freak Electrik
BingoGareth Kingsley Marshallbass and finger snipsBingo’s dad, Alec Bedlington Marshall, did the Waqqaz artworkcracked his head falling off his bike
Macho JohnsonMark Johnson ~ ~Hung around a bit in the early days. Keeps appearing on photos.
Hippy MickMick Paterson ~Driver and dope fiend.Still probably hasn’t had his sacks emptied by Chrissie. ******Nice VW camper
HaircutPaul Shieldsvox, scrumpled cellophane onSniffed a lot. Immaculate powers of observation.When asked why he was puking, he replied ~I thought everyone was doing it~
SallySally Wilsonoccasional vox. Performance. ~ ~
TrubeSusan Trubyoccasional backing vox ~ ~
KeefKeith Weardrums on early efforts. Drums used by Errol Dynamic until they were ~nicked~Left before output to public domainCycles. On the green tape. While the Magnum Innoninandum tape was being made, he painted his bedroom purple, copying the cover to the Panther book “Genius Loci” by Clark Ashton Smith

Genius Loci Cover, by Bruce Pennington. My book scanned and the title removed!

Genius Loci Cover

Hippy JeffGeoff Kennedy ~Drove van quite a bit, usually smashed.Set up infamous all-night biker gig at deserted abbey on banks of River Wear. Ended up nicking all our mushrooms and then getting locked up in Durham Jail for a long time for dealing, man.
Bryan SowerbyBryan SowerbyDrums, compositionEven bigger nose than Holly (says Holly)ex ~The Noise Toys~ (I might lose a game of Russian roulette or fall to my death from a supersonic jet) and The Hostages.  Drums on Waqqaz.
Dave (Weirdbeard / Pipsqueak)Dave PipkinDrums,composition ~Supported Brian May as part of STAN ***** at Newcastle City Hall
Rob PybusRob JoinerGuest SaxSolicitor for Inglejew, Bottrel, Roche and Pybus.Sax addict. Called to the bar.
SpugAndy DouglassbassPlayed bass at last gig (Belgium). Talented fucker who could play anything (as related to me by Jeff).Last heard of driving at 50mph in a lorry
YetiDarren YatesdrumsTEKHe’s a great artist. One of Thee Earnest Kakas

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Main image: “The Fall of Numenor,” an allusion to Atlantis made by J.R.R. Tolkien well after HP Lovecraft did his stuff.