Hippy Mick empties his sacks, wooah! Latest update.

Sacks emptied shock!


In a recent communique from Davenport, he tells me that after bumping into Hippy Mick recently, he was informed by Mick that the Chrissie/sacks/emptying statement is now false. However, I shall retain the reference as it refers to his trip to Morocco (I think) with Chrissie many years ago and I like the expression. It always brings a smile. Strangely is wearing his white jacket. Davenport is far left. Hippy Mick is second left in this picture. There are no pictures of his sacks but this link shows where they might be.

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New Pictures of Crawling Chaos

I’ve received some extra information from Holly today with some extra photos that should be a bit interesting for those of a historical bent! Any descriptions are left to right.

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Site adjustments, plugins and widgets

I’ve added a couple of widget things to see what they feel like. One pops up a little page preview and the other is a chat facility. Currently I’m just talking amongst myself, are you? No I’m not.

But you know… It may be of value somehow. I’m of the opinion that everything is a benefit. If there’re any problems they’re easy enough to take off and if the chat gets abused or my bandwidth suffers then I can easily allow it for registerees only. Speaking of which, the numbers are going up. I like this way of doing things; people have to make a genuine positive effort to get involved. Not like myspace (my pet hate – hey! that’s a good name) which is just a bit like click here to vote – like der..

However, I think I need a different wordpress theme, a nice 3-4 column job. I’ll still do it in green and gold because I like it, but I’ve too much stuff to get out and the layout is a bit restricting whilst not providing all the functionality I require. I know there are ways to get the major posts centrally while allowing a non-interactive front page, so I’ll look into it.

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Cover of HARRY by High Density

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have uploaded my cover of HARRY onto my myspace website. Its very different to my other recordings, but I wanted to make a good job of it. The site address is www.myspace.com/hidensity0.

Hope you all enjoy it!


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