FAC 501, Wilson’s Coffin

Contacted Ian about his posting of Creamo Coyl etc and he’s stuck a link up for me. It’s quite funny really all the Wilson stuff going on. I didn’t know about the coffin though so thanks!

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Site Re-Jig Again

I’ve decided to put a bit more logic behind the organisation of the information on the site.

  • all the music wiil be grouped by the release on which it was issued and in the order it appears on the release.
  • Unreleased and bootleg stuff will appear on their own page
  • As much info as possible (except the lyrics which take up acres of screen) about a piece will appear on these pages as well as the facility to play the track whilst reading the blurb I’ve included. This may or may not increase the enjoyment of the said track – but hey!…whatever!
  • removed the posting facility from all pages except a posting page as the posts are too spread out and I want them grouped for maintenance purposes.

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Ashen Lyrics

Mr Sympton left a message (so ta for that) correcting my impaired hearing and memory over the lyrics for Ashen. Fuck me, for years I thought Paul sang summick else!

This has been done. However, as part of the update I found that the links from the posts weren’t updating properly on the lyrics page, so I’ve put the old lyrics page back, even though I didn’t want to use it as I can’t get anchors to work on it like they do on plain HTML. This has left a bizarre situation for postings that I’m too tired and not really bothered to fix at the moment. It’s not unsurmountable, it’s just getting a handle on all the mySQL database/php/code/theme interactions I guess. zzzz

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An August Day for Progress

The site has now totally moved across to a WordPress operation. Music and links are nearly all sorted out. I’m going to get the song lyrics set as separate postings to make future indexing easier. Probably have a better linking, playing and info structure in place as well for all the spurious information. Using the backend databases to support everything is a much better way to do stuff than mixing the content and presentation. I still have much to learn, especially with regard to details of presentation and using the correct standards-compliant code.
All domain hosting is managed in-house now. I’m not reliant on third parties. If the hosting company goes under it’s a simple job to hop off somewhere else! I’ve space to host four more totally independent domain structures – wahay!

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