Smellies People

Smellies People

I’ve got a brand new packet of Tom Thumb

I’ve journey’d into space with me mum

and a packet of danish cookies too

I borrowed Jeff’s bike to kill myself on

and gave Hol a backa to the shops

on it

Up, up, and away to the toilet

the five thousand flew

after they had watched the news

and had their pies and peas

with tea and bread

and butter.


Originally posted here, 7th July 2008.



Kaka kaka kaka

I really love tabacca

  • G.E.T. Lost

Traditional Folk Poem #1

Traditional Folk Poem No.1

I’ll take you out of this place

to an Island in time

away from the bright lights

sipping lager and lime

traditional – I’m thinking it’s one of Jeff’s….

Sweaty Nocks

Sweaty Nocks

Sipping half, wearing skirts,

Trying to look fancy,

Shit chat, bunch of puffs,

Yes it’s Club Nancy.

G.E.T. ’51’