Smarmy Twat

Smarmy Twat

Punctures are a hazard when cycling

The other day I got one from a thorn

I had to walk ten miles home

So even my stump was worn.

G.E.T. ’79’



I found a fiver

Down sniffers den

Drunk all afternoon

Got drunk again

G.E.T. ‘Lost’



I’ve been called a knacker

I’ve been called a queer

But I prefer the latter

Cos it rhymes with beer

G.E.T. ‘smashed’

Birthday Card Ditty

This is a little ditty for writing on birthday cards, etc.

Spring is in the air and grass covering the ground

But there’s nothing quite like finding five pound

But I haven’t found one, which is a bit unpleasant

Which is a good enough reason, for not sending you a present.

N. Tyion ’81