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Doomage inspired track based on a repeating C-A-E chord sequence played in 4/4 so that the chords appear to “rotate”.


Doomage creation. Strangely vocals with spooky spoken words added by Doomage

Oh Blasé

Doomage inspired chords and words. Strangely edited words to fit. First played live at an open air gig at Nenthead where it lasted about half an hour.

Fatso Died And Likes It

Simple tune (at least for me, SP), quickly written as a vehicle to ridicule the TV-led hype that surrounds football.

After the first serious mix-down we all sat down to watch the TV with this track in the background. The news was on with the Heysel disaster, almost live.
The news item lasted the length of the track and was a perfect audio accompaniment to the terrifying scenes.   Surreal creepiness and silence followed.

Trouty Hobin


Very disturbing. The madness starts here.
Holly created chord structure then everyone added a bit. Doomage created keyboard chords at end which Strangely played. Everyone seemed to switch places both playing and inventing the parts with this one.

Since reworked by Holly as “The Punk Trout” as output for his current project, The Symptoms.


Comrade Dolphin

Strangely inspired to investigate what would happen with two notes a fourth apart changing to another two so that the low one goes down a semitone and the higher up a semitone, thus producing a fifth. Progressed  to completion while Strangely was in France and very nice it is too. Strangely intends to do it again with the original “hard” version in his head.

Reg Vase

Doomage creation and one his finest in the opinion of the author. He spent about a fortnight working out every note for the multi-layered guitar-based track. Words added by Strangely for variety. They spell EYES by design.

The White Sybil

Holly based track (inc trumpets!). Strangely synthesiser is two-tracked with two notes tuned by ear EXACTLY a perfect third apart, with levels adjusted to suit. This gives the strange sound as usually the normal third would be used which is slightly atonal but our ears are accustomed to it, hence the perfect third sounds odd. This coupled to exactly the same notes on the organ makes it quite weird.

Yoni Suchon


Strangely originated. Doomage words (Yoni is rude, tut tut). Strangely plays keyboard through fuzz/VCA/echo as standard. Guitar power chorus. “Tengo mucho beber” is Strangely’s poor Spanglish for “I’ve had too much to drink”

Curling Sandwiches


Doomage main vocals on a joint creation(?). Multi-tuned synth goes through VCA for plinkity sound. Pinky and Perky on guest vocals.


Holly creation from Nothin’ days slowed right down for this effort, one of my favourite pieces.
Pamela’s Vile refers to Palmersville outside North Shields.



Doomage creation. We never could find any vocal inspiration for this one without being corny.  Later tapes may have some.

I Must Be Ambidextrous (I Can Smoke With Both Hands)

Holly music and words creation. The words refer to a (working) holiday he had in France when he ran out of dosh and was so hungry he seriously considered eating a packet of Henna hair dye he found on the street. Strangely’s harmony vocals made Holly smile.

Comrade Dolphin (Reprise)


– pretty obvious from the title really.


Looking down, I saw that you are bleeding(,) awful.
Beginnings forgotten – the parts are a joint effort.

4 Responses

  1. Torgeir Tunold-Hanssen says:

    Is it possible to get “The Gas Chair” or “Humulctus Ecinox” today, in 2009? Nearly 30 year old albuns I’ve missed for 20 years.

    • Strangely says:

      @Torgeir Tunold-Hanssen
      Certainly. There are probably some ads on the front page for them on CD. Failing that, there are certainly some links here all the time.

  2. waqqaz.. I remember the big fonotheca in Groningen, Holland, 1988 or ’89; art-student without money. And there I found this weird LP.. Taped it on cassette and spaced out. I still use this cassette now and then, but it broke twice. I wonder when this great album together with the big C will be put on cd…

  3. Steve v zombie says:

    I recorded at your farmhouse studio with Ian and Lorna Waugh ( FReAk eLecTRIc)in 1984. My favourite song of yours started with a drum roll and a burp and the phrase “get the magic mushrooms out”. Do connect me with them if posible.
    love that tune…it reminds me of “oh yeah ! ” by Can

    • Strangely says:

      I’ll see what I can do… Drum & burp track is “the Katrina Syndrome” off “The Big C”. Did you hear the final version at all?

      “Calais-Paris, Calais-Paris, la-la-la-la-lavatory!”

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