Zyklon B Zombies: Death

Last updated on August 16th, 2020

Zyklon B Zombies: Death (Part Two)

Here’s another near three quarter of an hour’s worth of Dionysian Heights that Jeff and I did for Curly Jhon and Mackie for their Zyklon B Zombies performance project.  The first part is here and the initial posting and extra information is here on my website


Zyklon B Zombies: Life   (Part One)

Zyklon Zombies B, Life and Death Work

Zyklon B

Disappearing Bees? Re-appearing Karma

Facebook Chat

Further Chat
Further Chat
Initial Facebook Posting
Initial Facebook Posting

As I said, Curly Jhon found his old snaps and whacked them on Facebook.  Naturally, the “offal” jokes had to follow.  These two screenshots give more background to the Dionysian Heights events.

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