Last updated on August 16th, 2020

The site was cracked by someone purporting to represent the poor down-trodden muslims in the world. Whether this was true or not is irrelevant. Fifth columnists are not a new invention…. I haven’t put up the image that was put in place of my main page as it would add fuel to the person’s hell-state in which they exist.

  • I had a problem and I’m fixing it.
  • Extra stuff is now being done!
  • Unfortunately, all the pics were dumped so I’ve a bit of a job putting them all back. Fortunately the backend database and user details weren’t compromised.
  • Some pix are gone for good as I intend to change the back-end system (again). Apologies if anyone refers to any non-textual items and they don’t work. I may or may not get them fixed – it depends, as my main purpose for this endeavour is a reporting of the history of Crawling Chaos. And that is basically text – which is okay.

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