Tony Wilson – alternative comment

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Tony Wilson – alternative comment

October 11, 2009 Posts 1
Wilson is a Freeman - surely everyone who is dead is free - nice joke!

Tony Wilson

Cerysmatic has pointed out someone else’s alternative viewpoint to the normal heroic rhetoric being bandied around about the sometime record mogul. This relates to the freedom of Manchester thing, e.g. here.

Fair play to John Cooper for publishing the info on his site which, it must be said, normally throws a wholly positive light onto the whole Factory thing.

(originally posted 31/10/2007 – updated for pictures 11/10/2009)


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  1. Strangely says:

    I’ve just read through this lot again and Cerysmatic is still just the same. In fact I think the term “cultural engineer” for Tony Wilson would have him creased up something rotten if he were still alive.
    John Coleclough on the other hand is just bemoaning one style of music against the other as well as one successful business against the other. The fact is that both jazz music and “the Madchester sound” made money and were popular in their own era. But times change. Now you don’t even have to be able to play two chords to make money. Just switch on a PA and twiddle two DJ consoles. (wow, superb fade and groove match man)
    What will the current crop of DJs moan about in 20 years time…well lad, in my day, you had to change the records by hand and talk to the audience at the same time…..

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