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From the later period that is Spookhouse.  This is Racheengel.

Pinch punch, first of the month.

Rejigged Shop

Foetus Products
Foetus Products

Foetus Products Shop

I’ve re-done the Foetus Products’ on-line shop since I’ve moved host and didn’t want to purchase another SSL certificate.  This shop works on WordPress since I’m familiar with it and it’s getting more and more flexible.  I’m not using SSL obviously but it’s secure enough and works okay in testing.  The domain is now dot com instead of dot co dot uk but there are pointers from the last-used domain.

Total cost of software?   Zero.  Hosting costs?  A standard Vidahost account.

So far, I’ve only got some downloads installed.  The Spookhouse CD will be added soon along with some more downloads.   It’s only Crawling Chaos currently but Holly’s Symptoms stuff will go up soon as well.  There’s currently a 20% off summer sale on…..

I can’t decide whether to charge 10p or £169 for “Suck” since it has the annoying ‘suck’ voice in it.  I used 10p to test everything works.  Any ideas?

Spookhouse Spooked


Early orderers of Spookhouse will have to wait a bit because of a hiatus in production.  It’s all our fault, but please note that no monies have been or will be taken until the CDs are despatched….

DMCA Infringement by Black Box Access

Black Box Access Scam

BlackBoxAccess File Example
BlackBoxAccess File Example

I recently became aware that Crawling Chaos’s material was available in search results again.

Naturally, I decided to have a look!

Many of the links (some even said ‘verified’!) pointed to Black Box Access who, for a “introductory membership fee” of $4.95 claimed to have a host of links to our stuff.

Big Fat Con

BlackBoxAccess Shit Example
BlackBoxAccess Shit Example

However, I noticed that search results returned exactly what I typed…. which is odd.  Very odd indeedy!

The crunch moment came first when I typed our newest remixes, which are tagged with 2011, which also returned results.

I then typed the killer entry to our latest (so far totally fictional release) Shit on Your Tits.  This I just made up on the spur of the moment.


They claimed to have a rar file for it, uploaded in the last week and downloaded in excess of 19000 times since!

Also, in a final clue, I accidently clicked on an advert to a webpage that would not go away, producing popup after popup after popup –  a clear sign of scamminess.

Big Fucking Cunt Criminal Bastards

BlackBoxAccess DMCA
BlackBoxAccess DMCA

I decided to contact this wonderful exercise in criminality by filling in their DMCA claim form!  Here’s what I wrote.  Needless to say, I don’t expect a reply.

I am the representative for the band Crawling Chaos and request immediate removal of the following links which I believe to contain our copyright works for which we’ve neither received a request nor given permission for your usage on your website.
Downloading of our material on websites such as yours does not constitute “fair usage” under our terms nor that of common or set law.  This is because it’s neither there for fair comment or research, plus, you charge for it which means royalties are owed.
I’ve found:
Homunculus Equinox
The Gas Chair
Gas Chair Clown
The Big C
Sex Machine

on your site.
All our discography can be found here:


The copyright statement is also to be found on that website.

Also, since you claim on the logon screen to have downloaded the above files in excess of 19000 times and that the initial signup fee is $4.95, this comes to a total of approximately $100,000.  This money is now due to the surviving members of Crawling Chaos and the heirs of the deceased members.  Please contact me at the contact email address to discuss how this will be paid to us.

Conclusion – What Does it All Mean?

  • What a bunch of fucking cunts. It’s all fiction.  Everything.
  • Do you really think that I’m expecting a reply?
  • What they’re getting is your financial and email details.
  • You’ve been warned!

Ask yourself;

“Do I want to give my details to this bunch of crooks?”

Our Label, Our music, Our Shop

Foetus Products
Foetus Products

You can of course get our stuff from our wonderful custom shopping experience at Foetus Products.  It’s the now-recommended route for all Crawling Chaos aficionados and resellers.

The finale, Spookhouse, will be out early next year.