Mr Anthony Chester

Time is an Interesting Thing

There’s an interesting URL here to Amazon where some of our art is sold – note the copyright assertion on that web-page.  It’s not Crawling Chaos!  Funny that.
Or take this other Amazon URL – note the copyright assertion on that web-page.  It’s not Crawling Chaos!  Funny that.
Or take this Apple URL – note the copyright assertion on that web-page.  It’s not Crawling Chaos!  Funny that.
Or take this other Apple URL – note the copyright assertion on that web-page.  It’s not Crawling Chaos!  Funny that.

There are more, but Apple and Amazon are the biggest download players…  Here are four screenshots of the above, detailed.

Background to this Post

Some folks may know that I live in France…  So what, you may ask?  The issue, for my communications, is that both web and mobile reception is iffy in my house.  I live in the countryside and in a dip, well hidden from gits in a thick stone walled house.  The land-line is fine.

I recently had a call on the mobile that cut out (happens a lot) and later I found 2 voice messages.  Normal eh?  Well sort of….  It was Mr Anthony Chester, or Baaldy Chester as we all referred to him decades ago.  Maybe not Gazza, but the rest for sure. 🙂

Some years ago in a gesture of faith I removed all the references to him of “Baldy” and changed them to “Anth” – which was how he liked to be known.  This was not a bland gesture on my part because at that time I asked for false references and copyright assertions to be removed from the stuff that he’d released without my consultation. (The few folks on the planet who have read these pages may remember these circumstances).

Latterly, I reinstated the words.  There has been zero activity for too long in the Chester dept.

What This Post is For

So, threats about untruths and falsehoods on my part in his voice-mails have forced me to disclose exactly what the issue is; I will demolish Mr Anthony Chester’s claims whilst simultaneously correcting and clarifying some stuff on my part, as I naturally do.

The images and links at the top are just part of it, and the most visible to casual web users.  He is falsely claiming copyright for much of our works.  It cannot be plainer than that and yet, after many complaints by all of the extant band members and the passage of a large amount of time, he still keeps them there.

n.b. There are other websites where the works are downloadable, for cash or otherwise: spotify, emusic, soundcloud, rhapsody etc – if you’re in the game you’ll know. But the reality of the web is that no-one has had to pay for music if they really don’t want to for over a decade now.

FesterBesterTesterFrom Mr Anthony Chester’s angry voicemail voice I get that he’s probably a bit pissed off.  So fucking what?  If he had any empathy then he’d sharpish realise how pissed off everyone (including the dead members) in the band are.  He obviously has no empathy.

Raging he was.  I may upload the audio here so folks can see both sides of what goes on?  But for now, I know how old we all are and the likely physical appearance because of this.  I know what I look like, it’s on my website!  It matches the view in the mirror most of the time.  Apart from the derogatory nickname that Jeff invented for Eddie (Fatso) no-one on this website was ever called “fat” as claimed by Mr Anthony Chester [I had to check using phpAdmin to be sure though!  One never knows].  Neither was anyone actually described as “bald”.

So to clarify: the words on this website are as accurate as possible but since I’ve been the main contributor and I’m trying to make sense of ever-distant events it could be my opinion until I know otherwise.  I can change my opinion, but on this particular topic there’s no rush yet.


Chester DIP Copyright
Chester DIP Copyright

Maybe Mr Anthony Chester is confused?  In his voicemail rant he mentioned going on about who played what on what tracks?  Maybe he is thinking of the illegally attributed “Danger In Paradise”, which is attributed to Crawling Chaos.  It is available here on Amazon, say.

True, many Crawling Chaos members had a hand in it and it has artistic merit (though that is not the point at all), but no-one in Crawling Chaos, who played as Crawling Chaos, would actually attribute it so.  No-one.  Not one fucking person.

In hindsight,

  • Maybe it could have been attributed to Danger in Paradise since many tracks are already on the previously released Last Pose, both including the eponymous track anyway?
  • Maybe, as many bands do when they collaborate as in say “x feat. y” (so that people are clear about what happened during the work’s creation) it could have been like Danger In Paradise feat. A Truncated Crawling Chaos or Danger In Paradise & Friends or Danger In Paradise collab. Foetus Products & Friends or something like that?
  • Maybe it should’ve been called “The Last Pose 2” or “The Last Pose, Resurrection” by Danger in Paradise, my obvious choice?
The Last Pose
The Last Pose

But no, it was none of that.

And for all those who did play on the tracks (which Mr Anthony Chester angrily voice-mailed saying he could name), where is the fucking money?   Less bluster, less false hurt, more actual doing what should have been done in the first place.


Maybe Mr Anthony Chester is angry about these words regarding CC & DIP where I formerly said at the end of the Myths page?

“…but it was not ever Crawling Chaos and to tag the two bands together is plain deceit.”

Not nice, I know. But hopefully, the preceding words clarify the deceit that I see in front of me, and others, though they have not admitted it so here, only to me personally and in emails.  I have clarified the sentiment after considering the above words. It’s now politer, and clearer.


And yes, Mr Anthony Chester, for all those downloads, where exactly is the fucking money?  Quoting directly from an email from Jeff to me,

I see where you’re coming from believe me, but Anth asked me for my permission to put the LTM re-releases on iTunes and collect the proceeds on behalf of us all yonks ago, so that isn’t devious behaviour to me for what that’s worth. – Jeff Crowe

  • Q. So what does it all mean?
  • A. Where’s the fucking money?


  • It is deceitful to publish works without permission from an artist – e.g Nice & Chester never asked me, or Jeff for that matter.
  • It is deceitful to claim copyright where none exists – e.g. Chester’s obvious deceit in the screenshots above
  • It is deceitful to attribute works to another artist – i.e Chester attributing his collaborative works (that all who joined were certain was under the DIP moniker) to Crawling Chaos
  • It is deceitful to boost one’s own works by false flagging artists without their permission on works – i.e Chester attributing his works to Crawling Chaos
  • It is deceitful to withhold payments to artists – i.e. all the download works for which artists performing-as or contributing-to works managed by Mr Anthony Chester

Now in all of this documenting of the band (The) Crawling Chaos, I (sp) have tried to maintain a banter much like the days when the band was extant – not this post though, there’s little banter so pissed off with the bloke am I.  Anyway, in banter mode there were a host of nicknames and epithets bandied around, some alcohol fuelled…..  For the most of the time I was just called Rees, but stupid cunt happened many times… Knackerdan was another good one.  It was the same when Jeff and I were at school – we both got called stuff we didn’t like – I was called twizzle, moustacho, fartin-martin (clever, eh?  I even got called that in The Cumberland Arms by some of the coterie, can’t remember who; it does not matter one bit.) &c.  Jeff got particularly annoyed when only certain people called him Harry, some he didn’t mind.  Funny that.  Chester got his nickname from Jeff, baldy.

So fucking what?  It’s all part of the Pitmatic Test, Chester being one of the failures.

Mr Anthony Chester seems (IMHO) to have a very thin skin on this point yet still uses this as a blustering pretext for obfuscation of his ongoing deceits, which really, would not take much time to fix on his part.

As I have already said,

  • I have created the website from opinions and facts which are compiled from many sources.
  • When something changes and I discover otherwise, I change my opinion, or it gets reinforced.  This is one essence of Buddhism – the freedom to have an opinion and the freedom to be allowed to change an opinion without chastisement.  n.b. an opinion is different to an idea, say like having an idea to create a law to take away poor people’s money is wholly different to having an opinion about taking poor people’s money away.
  • I change the website following further information, omissions, typos and yes, correcting some things that are not as clear as they should be.

But one thing I am clear on is that Mr Anthony Chester, IMHO, has not changed, despite his talk of meditation, Buddhism and the like, some years ago by telephone as deflectionary words of appeasement to me.

Libel, malicious falsehood.  Look them up.  As I see it, I know where they are (as a reminder, check the beginning of this posting).

I advise Mr Anthony Chester not to pull the history thread hanging from the Crawling Chaos t-shirt and quickly fix things at his end – then magically,  under The Principle of 3000 realms in a Single Moment, opinions will change and personal irritations will disappear.  Maybe his karma will get fixed?  I sincerely hope so.  Really, I do.

One final thing Chester, don’t call, don’t visit.  The contact form on this website will be my only method of dialogue with you until things change.  You have no idea how pissed off I am with your petty chest puffing, and auditory dialogue, for now, is right out.  Paraphrasing Jeff in his first email to me:

Q: What’s the difference between Mr Anthony Chester and a bucketful of phlegm?

A: The bucket.

flotsam jetsam

You see, Anth?  It’s not just about “the music”.  It’s about everything.

      The voice of Peter Cook

Sex Machine/Berlin

Sex Machine?

Code: FAC 17

FAC17 Original Factory front cover for Sex Machine


Sex Machine

      Sex Machine ©1980 The Crawling Chaos

1 hr jamming, 30 mins lyrics brainstorm and 3 months gestation created the “Factory” favourite, pop-pickers.  The above is as it came out on Factory.  This is it as it should be:

      Sex Machine ©1979 The Crawling Chaos


Basic drive created by Strangely during a jam one night using fuzzed LFO-controlled VCA‘d keyboards. After a few minutes Doomage had generated the killer guitar tune to go with it – a work of genius as it lends itself very well to multiple overdubs.

Derek & Clive Come Again

The tune stayed like this for a little while when it was decided to add some words and do it properly. On the final released version, this involved a serious amount of guitar overdubbing and a few extra keyboard bleeps. Words added by Strangely, Doomage and Errol. Mr Dynamic thought of the first line “I’ve got a brand new pair of genes” which impressed the two Ashington lads greatly…us being the quirky sciency types.

The lyrics “pinch” heavily from the “My Mum” song by Dudley Moore on the Derek and Clive Come Again record such was our giggling insensitivities at the time.

Sex Machine?
Sex Machine?

We started off (sensibly) talking about a song topic as a prediction based on scientific progress and the natural human proclivities towards sexual enhancement(s). Our initial idea was that amputees and the like could “grow” new limbs or organs to replace damaged ones in the same way that a cell, containing all the info needed for a person, changes into a foetus and then a human being.   It’s a noble idea.  There must be something that stops human cells doing this because creatures such as salamanders can grow new tails and the liver can regenerate when only a third is left.   Also, the axolotl can regrow whole limbs and weird transplants….

Cunt on a face, 2019
Cunt on a face, 2019

However, after a pub session this idealistic approach soon degenerated, the next day, after Strangely suggested the track should be about sex “as sex always sells”, into the words as they are and what would probably happen.

The words are now becoming true as scientific fact, first as gene therapy and now, what with gene modifications, gender re-assignment and designer babies becoming commonplace, as a “natural” way to enhance the sex organs, tits and lips that even more resemble vulvae.

After all, all men want bigger cocks and all women want bigger tits and smaller bums. It’s what we are..

The video here shows modern developments.  We were on the right track years ago with our ideas.

However, it was a close run thing that the tune could’ve been based on Joan Crawford as we were quite fond of that track at the time as well.  What Crawfie?  The queen mother’s nanny?



Google Maps - Bridge Hotel, Newcastle
Google Maps – Bridge Hotel, Newcastle

Live recording. I’m not sure if it’s an early one done at The Bridge, Newcastle or a later one there or somewhere else. I remember a tape getting accidentally erased so that some plans had to be revised and decent stuff had to be done again. I’m 100% sure that beer was involved…

It’s a very simple piece that demonstrates the kind of jamming that was done live within a basic structure that could go on for any amount of time. For live recordings, most of the studio equipment would go on stage with the tape decks being used in innovative ways, different to their normal studio usage.

One thing IS for sure though – Ian Curtis of Joyce Division would never have volunteered his services to sing with Crawling Chaos.  It was indeed Strangely Perfect wot done it, guv.


Code: Foetus 4

Waqqaz Front Cover


Doomage inspired track based on a repeating C-A-E chord sequence played in 4/4 so that the chords appear to “rotate”.


Doomage creation. Strangely vocals with spooky spoken words added by Doomage

Oh Blasé

Doomage inspired chords and words. Strangely edited words to fit. First played live at an open air gig at Nenthead where it lasted about half an hour.

Fatso Died And Likes It

Simple tune (at least for me, SP), quickly written as a vehicle to ridicule the TV-led hype that surrounds football.

After the first serious mix-down we all sat down to watch the TV with this track in the background. The news was on with the Heysel disaster, almost live.
The news item lasted the length of the track and was a perfect audio accompaniment to the terrifying scenes.   Surreal creepiness and silence followed.

Trouty Hobin


Very disturbing. The madness starts here.
Holly created chord structure then everyone added a bit. Doomage created keyboard chords at end which Strangely played. Everyone seemed to switch places both playing and inventing the parts with this one.

Since reworked by Holly as “The Punk Trout” as output for his current project, The Symptoms.


Comrade Dolphin

Strangely inspired to investigate what would happen with two notes a fourth apart changing to another two so that the low one goes down a semitone and the higher up a semitone, thus producing a fifth. Progressed  to completion while Strangely was in France and very nice it is too. Strangely intends to do it again with the original “hard” version in his head.

Reg Vase

Doomage creation and one his finest in the opinion of the author. He spent about a fortnight working out every note for the multi-layered guitar-based track. Words added by Strangely for variety. They spell EYES by design.

The White Sybil

Holly based track (inc trumpets!). Strangely synthesiser is two-tracked with two notes tuned by ear EXACTLY a perfect third apart, with levels adjusted to suit. This gives the strange sound as usually the normal third would be used which is slightly atonal but our ears are accustomed to it, hence the perfect third sounds odd. This coupled to exactly the same notes on the organ makes it quite weird.

Yoni Suchon


Strangely originated. Doomage words (Yoni is rude, tut tut). Strangely plays keyboard through fuzz/VCA/echo as standard. Guitar power chorus. “Tengo mucho beber” is Strangely’s poor Spanglish for “I’ve had too much to drink”

Curling Sandwiches


Doomage main vocals on a joint creation(?). Multi-tuned synth goes through VCA for plinkity sound. Pinky and Perky on guest vocals.


Holly creation from Nothin’ days slowed right down for this effort, one of my favourite pieces.
Pamela’s Vile refers to Palmersville outside North Shields.



Doomage creation. We never could find any vocal inspiration for this one without being corny.  Later tapes may have some.

I Must Be Ambidextrous (I Can Smoke With Both Hands)

Holly music and words creation. The words refer to a (working) holiday he had in France when he ran out of dosh and was so hungry he seriously considered eating a packet of Henna hair dye he found on the street. Strangely’s harmony vocals made Holly smile.

Comrade Dolphin (Reprise)


– pretty obvious from the title really.


Looking down, I saw that you are bleeding(,) awful.
Beginnings forgotten – the parts are a joint effort.

New Pictures of Crawling Chaos

I’ve received some extra information from Holly today with some extra photos that should be a bit interesting for those of a historical bent! Any descriptions are left to right.