DMCA Infringement by Black Box Access

Black Box Access Scam

BlackBoxAccess File Example
BlackBoxAccess File Example

I recently became aware that Crawling Chaos’s material was available in search results again.

Naturally, I decided to have a look!

Many of the links (some even said ‘verified’!) pointed to Black Box Access who, for a “introductory membership fee” of $4.95 claimed to have a host of links to our stuff.

Big Fat Con

BlackBoxAccess Shit Example
BlackBoxAccess Shit Example

However, I noticed that search results returned exactly what I typed…. which is odd.  Very odd indeedy!

The crunch moment came first when I typed our newest remixes, which are tagged with 2011, which also returned results.

I then typed the killer entry to our latest (so far totally fictional release) Shit on Your Tits.  This I just made up on the spur of the moment.


They claimed to have a rar file for it, uploaded in the last week and downloaded in excess of 19000 times since!

Also, in a final clue, I accidently clicked on an advert to a webpage that would not go away, producing popup after popup after popup –  a clear sign of scamminess.

Big Fucking Cunt Criminal Bastards

BlackBoxAccess DMCA
BlackBoxAccess DMCA

I decided to contact this wonderful exercise in criminality by filling in their DMCA claim form!  Here’s what I wrote.  Needless to say, I don’t expect a reply.

I am the representative for the band Crawling Chaos and request immediate removal of the following links which I believe to contain our copyright works for which we’ve neither received a request nor given permission for your usage on your website.
Downloading of our material on websites such as yours does not constitute “fair usage” under our terms nor that of common or set law.  This is because it’s neither there for fair comment or research, plus, you charge for it which means royalties are owed.
I’ve found:
Homunculus Equinox
The Gas Chair
Gas Chair Clown
The Big C
Sex Machine

on your site.
All our discography can be found here:


The copyright statement is also to be found on that website.

Also, since you claim on the logon screen to have downloaded the above files in excess of 19000 times and that the initial signup fee is $4.95, this comes to a total of approximately $100,000.  This money is now due to the surviving members of Crawling Chaos and the heirs of the deceased members.  Please contact me at the contact email address to discuss how this will be paid to us.

Conclusion – What Does it All Mean?

  • What a bunch of fucking cunts. It’s all fiction.  Everything.
  • Do you really think that I’m expecting a reply?
  • What they’re getting is your financial and email details.
  • You’ve been warned!

Ask yourself;

“Do I want to give my details to this bunch of crooks?”

Our Label, Our music, Our Shop

Foetus Products
Foetus Products

You can of course get our stuff from our wonderful custom shopping experience at Foetus Products.  It’s the now-recommended route for all Crawling Chaos aficionados and resellers.

The finale, Spookhouse, will be out early next year.

Gas Chair Clown – 2011

Crawling Chaos: Gas Chair Clown – 2011

[vibedeck artist=”crawlingchaos” album=”70849″ width=”520″ height=”799″]
This is in remix status currently. Versioning may be confusing so if you’ve paid for a download, email the website and we’ll get a fresh version to you – can’t say fairer than that, eh?

Doomage Speaks!

Below is the complete text of a letter to Strangely Perfect from Doomage Khult received today, 3 April 2008.

As you will read, it’s asked that the letter be published in full or not at all. This wish has of course been accommodated.

Dear Mr Perfect

I think it’s about time I chucked in my tuppence-worth into the pot.

When I heard that The Gas Chair was about to be re-released on LTM, naturally I became curious. Some elementary detective work led me on the trail of Anth Chester, so I contacted him and he filled me in on the details – James Nice, a former employee of Factory Benelux had found half of the master tapes of said album and had asked for Anth’s permission to rip off one side of an original vinyl for a re-issue. I understand that he was given a £250 advance for this, which I stress he split with Holly 50-50 and in the process acquired the master tape of Homunculus Equinox.

So far so good I thought – after all Anth and Holly did play their parts in those recordings which nobody can deny. What I didn’t know about at that time were the “bonus” tracks, and I was a bit peeved about the inclusion of Sex Machine and Berlin of which you know neither of them had anything to do with. But by the time I found that out, it was a Done Deal in Production and I childishly decided to keep my opinionated trap shut. Be clear though, I’m not dissing Holly – after your departure strangely we didn’t forlornly shamble about in the woods waiting in vain for the return of the messiah, but continued our long and increasingly productive creative partnership.

To resume; not being bothered about getting any remuneration (I don’t need it – just as well as I haven’t received a penny), I thought it would be fun to focus on the reaction to our material some twenty years on. Like yourself I am intensely proud of all our Art and was pretty chuffed to see that it polarized the critics just as much as the first time around and thus hadn’t dated at all.

Anyway opinions are one thing and facts and assumptions are quite distinct beasts altogether. Your colourful tale of a lightning strike inducing some subtle sinister change to my personality (a storyline that surely would have been warmly welcomed by the writers of Murder She Wrote) is absolutely hilarious – in particular the increasing abuse of spirits aspect. I do seem to recall we had a very productive ale micro-brewery in place at Beside(sic) Hall which formed the bulk of our alcohol consumption in situ; but I don’t remember pouring any hard liquor down my throat either there or at any of the public hostelries. Mind you, if you mean communing with spirits – that is a different kettle of fish of which I admit to unreservedly.

It never ceases to amaze me how certain folk project shadows of their own failings onto others: I would put it to you that a more plausible cause for any perceived change of character that someone as thick-skinned as yourself may have picked up on:- was that I’d become utterly pissed off with your habitual indolence. What also rankles is your over-inflated opinion of your personal contributions to Waqqaz – being so important to the process that you are blissfully unaware of who the drummer actually was (no it wasn’t ‘Clinka’ – I’d sacked him by then, no it wasn’t ‘George (?)’ either, or anyone else that you mention for that matter)?

I rest my case m’lud.

For the record, the primary reason why I don’t want to waste my time talking to the likes of yourself (and that doesn’t equate to being a recluse), dates back to the day you paid a little flying visit to Bebside and purloined approximately two-thirds of my album collection – a heinous crime to perpetrate on a music lover, as I’m sure you’ll agree, selective or crap memory notwithstanding.

On a more positive note I am pleased that you intend to get everything out into the public domain, that’s just great – go for it. I can think of no more appropriate place than your website, and I do mean that most sincerely. I’m in possession of the entire Chaos tape archive (including videos) and would be keen to hand it all over to your most worthy cause, but the very thought of meeting up with such a dishonourable chap as yourself makes me feel slightly queasy.

Q: What’s the difference between Strangely Perfect and a bucketful of phlegm?

A: The bucket.

I thank you: Please feel free to publish this communication in its entirety on your website, or print it out and stuff it up your arse; whatever takes your fancy.

Regards, Doomsie.

Gas Chair Clown a.k.a. “The Gas Chair”

As mentioned elsewhere, this was released by Factory Records with their mistaken name of “The Gas Chair”. The band thought they were very clever getting a title as an anagram of the band’s name. There were several and the plan was for each to be used for a different LP release. After the first fuck up, we didn’t bother.

Code: FACBN 6

Gas Chair Clown (a.k.a. The Gas Chair) front cover


Macabre Royale

Remastered version here

Recycled “Newspapers” (original lyrics on lyrics page). Slowed down and effected reworking of a Doomage creation, sans words.

There are two bonus tracks associated with this recording; Painful Death & We All Die in the End (Macabre Git)


Creamo Coyl

E.F.S. Union of “Out of the Blue” and a Nothin’ track.
Obviously a piss take. Started off with Strangely tooting on keyboards the chords to “Out of the Blue” by Roxy Music. Holly said he had one like it so we put the two together. Afternoon TV full of VO5 and Pantene Pro with micro-vitamins adverts shows this tune to be a premonition.


Left Hand Path

–almost an E.F.S. but what’s being forged?


Definately an E.F.S.

Gary and Jeff’s vocals emanate from an interstellar bar not far from the Arsenal. I’ve always been very wary of noodles since this.



Remastered version here

Actually an E.F.S.

Strangely created. Tune is arpeggiated Adim and Ddim hence Arabian sounding, hence the name. Haircut made up a few words. The tune was made on Strangely mother’s dining room table while testing the R1 and R2 combination. He was experimenting with fuzzed Adim, trying to get Aelonian and Dorian sounds. But it ended up Arabic… This mix has the snare drum alone using the long hallway at The Pits as an echo chamber again, with the other channels using our normal tape echo where appropriate.



Re-jigged version here

Harry Secombe’s coming to tea. Holly creation. Woke up after a weird dream thinking that the now deceased portly comic and singer was arriving that day. For tea.
He invented this before he took drugs. It was a much loved and valued addition to the Crawling Chaos repertoire. We made a fortune doing this song again and again a charity collection in the streets of Morpeth. Me on vocals and mouth piano thing, Holly on guitar and a couple of others on bucket collection duty.

I still play this every week; I love it!

Disierta Membra

Essentially a jam in the Can style.  Paul on vox humana.  Overdubbbed once …


Canadian Pacific

E.F.S. le grand plus en plus.
Doomage inspired creation with Strangely. Doomage & Strangely lyrics (for what they’re worth!) American gloomy country piss-take. Nice and short, fortunately. Aaah ma baabeez gorn and left me…


Breaking Down

Neat. Distinctive.