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Freak Electric

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Freak Electric

January 18, 2012 Posts 3

Last Updated on June 13, 2022

Ian from Freak Electric

Ian from Freak Electric – bog seat guitar

Ian of Freak Electric contacted us via the website recently and until he gets back, I can’t say what he’s been up to recently.

However, a quick perusal of the Ubertubes pulls out these two tracks from a compilation LP in 1985.  I hope he doesn’t mind….

Freak Electric

Freak Electric cassette sleeve

Actually, I have a full demo tape with reasonable quality that has some of my favourite Freak Electric tracks on it with the two drummers and Ian’s screeching guitar figuring highly!.  I’d love to clean it up a bit and get it out digitally for him.



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  1. Made my day hearing Ians Guitar and Lorna’s vocals again , would love to get a copy of that tape Flower man !!!!!
    Have you got the original art work from your first single ???

  2. Strangely says:

    Aye Brian. Double screechiness, a lovely sound. To answer:
    1. I have the cassette above which I’ve stuck into two large WAV files. They need stripping out on a track by track version to get the best sound. So Flower Man is one of the tracks…
    2. The artwork for Sex Machine was out of our hands, it all being within Factory Records’ remit. We did the tapes, then waited and waited and waited and then it arrived. So no is the answer. FYI, the cover is actually stills from a film I once saw late at night about zombie walkers or something. I was lying on the floor pissed up and was somewhat startled to see the cover of Sex Machine for an instant. (Somehow, I doubt that Savage contacted the film’s creators and asked for permission to use some stills….)
    Apart from that, I was very drunk, it was a boring film and I can’t remember its exact name. I may think it’s okay now, opinions change with time etc., and by definition and the arrow of time, it had to be made before 1980!

  3. Brian Gibson says:

    Ha! I takes me awhile to reply… anyway out of my hibernation now. Great news that you still have the tape . I kept mine year after year but somewhere in a house move it vanished or maybe i lent it to someone forgot that i had then moved house if you have a file i would love to have a copy. Like wise Sex Machine … we got our record plyer working recently and i ocassionaly sit and wonder where did all my records went ????
    Didnt know you were originally from Ashington , my Aunt was from Bebside and we would go to Sandy Bay for our holidays … A couple of great aunts in Newbiggin too. B

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Main image: “The Fall of Numenor,” an allusion to Atlantis made by J.R.R. Tolkien well after HP Lovecraft did his stuff.