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Two Pics from Doomage

April 6, 2008 Posts 3

TV GuitarMr Khult has kindly provided two pictures for the site in a communique this evening. These come from the later Crawling Chaos period.

PiggeryThey’ve been whacked straight into the galleries for the listener’s dissociative enjoyment.

Hopefully there will be much more like this to accompany Strangely’s current audio conversions.


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  1. this summer I had the idea to buy the only album of the crawling chaos I didn’t have: The big C. When it arrived I put it on the turntable, headphones on, laying on the carpet and was blown away. The same as I listened to Waqqaz, when I borrowed the record in 1988 (I brought it back). I can only estimate that the crawling chaos was a unique and above – original – band – and – very good. Critics are always folk that have no imagination and no inspiration, so they where awfully wrong in their opinion. Now, listening 30 years later to the crawling chaos; they are as good as ever. As so for “spookhouse”, that I bought at EEtapes in Belgium. I read the”myths” and although it gives a lot of information, I would rather remember the band as a mystic trip on the Scottish coast. The music will speak and it is great! cheers!

    • Strangely says:

      Cheers for that Siemen. Time flies and waits for no man but better late than never for getting The Big C!! Though we weren’t from the mystic coasts of Scotland (far from it, the industrial north-east of England…) I guess that you’re referring to Skaill…(video here) There are hints of the changeable rolling hills and calm yet deadly-at-times North Sea of Northumberland in it I suppose, we’re all from there and spent many an hour out and about.
      I hear and understand what you’re sayin about “Myths”. I’ve been ruminating on that for a while now.

    • Strangely says:

      Hi again.
      Holly is putting out “The Big C” with Eric on EE Tapes very soon if you want the non-scrastchy version…. 🙂

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